Apologies to anyone who came to the site over the weekend and found things a bit… odd. As you can tell, there are some differences to the site, and they result from a long and labor-intensive upgrade to the blog software that runs the site. The previous software was old, limited, and not being actively maintained, so I had to make a switch to something more modern and flexible. I knew the process was going to be a mess going in… and I was not disappointed.

But it’s (mostly) over now.

My intent was to reproduce the old look of the site as much as possible, and I think I’ve managed that. However, there are a few new bits (such as the excellent Bitcoin widget) with more newness to come as I explore the possibilities. One negative is that if anyone posted a direct link to any of the comic images, those links probably won’t work any more. While you are certainly free to take any of my comics and post them wherever you’d like, hot-linking directly to things on the internet that you don’t control isn’t a good thing to do, for exactly the reason that this upgrade has just demonstrated. Let that be a lesson: link to the page and not to the image, or download the image and host it yourself.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you’re enjoying the comic.

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