Why does a free webcomic need support?  


1)  Models and textures.    In case you didn’t notice, Actively Disengaged is a 3D webomic.  This means the pictures aren’t drawn, they are rendered using 3D models, textures,  and computer software.   I don’t create these models myself.     While there are some freely available resources online, the GOOD stuff costs money.   The more figures, sets, props, textures, and backgrounds I buy, the more versatile the comic will be.    We’re all tired of seeing that same red brick wall in the background of almost every comic, right?  Yeah?    Money fixes that.

2)  Web hosting.   Domain names and server space cost money.  It isn’t that much, but “cheap” does not equal “free.”   It does, however, equal “slow” and “small”.     As the comic grows, I’ll eventually have to upgrade to a bigger, faster server.   Money will help that.

3)  Advertising!   This is my biggest expense, and will remain so for a while.  Nobody knows about Actively Disengaged yet, so I have to buy advertising on other websites and ad networks to spread the word.   So far, I’ve been funding this with my own rapidly-dwindling funds.   If you like the comic, help me spread the word!


Here’s How you can help:

1)  Advertise!

If you have a business or website to promote, consider advertising on Actively Disengaged.com.   I currently participate in several ad networks.

AnonymousAds is directly beneath the comic on the main page. ProjectWonderful, and OperationFabulous are in the sidebar.    I’m open to taking advertisements outside of these networks if you’d like to work something out.

If you don’t have something to advertise, then consider visiting some of the sponsors who DO.   If something catches your eye, click on it!  


2)  Share!

Help spread the word about Actively Disengaged by liking us on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.    Post links to your favorite comics on Reddit and similar sites.    Post about it in internet forums.    You’re free to take the comics themselves and spread them wherever they’ll get attention!  Every new pair of eyeballs is a potential fan!


3)  Participate!

If you like a comic (or even if you don’t), how about leaving a comment?   Not only is feedback important to me as a creator, but I also want to build a community here.   That will, in turn, bring in more fans.   Plus, comments help with search engine rankings.

4)   Donate (BTC)

Actively Disengaged accepts bitcoins!   Bitcoins are a new internet currency that can be used anonymously, without interference from governments and banks.   If you have some bitcoins, consider donating.   Each comic has a Bitcoin address listed below the comic.       Also, the main bitcoin address is available in the sidebar.     Don’t worry about sending too little… every fraction of a bit-cent helps!

If you don’t have any bitcoins right now, you can still donate!    Huh!?    You can obtain free bitcoins (in very small amounts) at several sites like this one.  If you don’t have your own bitcoin address to accept these bitcoins, then just put mine in and they’ll come to me. But you really need to buy some bitcoins to experience just how transformative this technology can be.    There are plenty of places where you can do that; my recommendation is coinbase.



Thanks for reading!      Here’s a Bonus Comic for your trouble:

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