Yes!  Take them!

As a believer in true freedom, I will not ask the government to enforce silly ‘restrictions’ on what you do with your computer and your internet connection.   Intellectual Property is an imaginary concept (like the State that enforces it).   Even if it wasn’t, it is so closely affiliated with ridiculous predatory lawsuits and general douchbaggery that I would distance myself from it on general principle.   Therefore, I place no restrictions on my work.   No copyright, copyleft, copysideways, or any other nonsense.    If you like something and want to download it or share it… do it.   You’ll probably be doing me a favor anyway.    Higher resolution versions of most comics are available upon request (use the contact form).

CAVEAT1:   Saying that you created something that you did not, in fact, create is fraud.   This, I have a serious problem with.    So please don’t claim my work as your own.   If you feel the need to correct, add, or subtract something from a comic, please don’t say that you created the whole thing… remember where the source material came from.    Oh, and if you post it somewhere, a link would be appreciated… but that’s up to you.   Addedum:  I can’t stop you from cropping out the name and the URL from the comic and posting the image.   I wouldn’t stop you even if I could.  But I do consider that to be a very asshole thing to do.   Just sayin’.

CAVEAT2:  All of the above applies only to the Actively Disengaged webcomic, which is my own creation.    Other things that I post here… funny pictures, propaganda and liberty troll-bait… might not be entirely my work.   They might use images that I found on the internet without any indication of the original owner.   Feel free to post them around; that’s what they’re here for.    But keep in mind that their copyright status is indeterminate.   I can’t really ‘give you permission’ to do anything with them because I never had full permission myself.    I don’t know what this paragraph even means.   Nevermind.




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