I’m announcing the start of my new Bitcoin-centered webcomic, The Pseudonymous Life!

The comic does not have a website of its own; instead, it lives over on Let’s Talk Bitcoin.
Here are the links to the first two:
Comic #0
Comic #1

The Pseudonymous Life will do for the Bitcoin community what Actively Disengaged does for the liberty community. The appearance and style of humor are similar to what you see on Actively Disengaged… so if you like this comic you’ll probably like the Pseudonymous Life as well. And if the comic continues long enough you’ll even see some crossovers between the two. In fact… one may have already happened!

I haven’t decided on a concrete update schedule yet, but my goal is one comic every two weeks. I don’t know if I’ll be able to meet that goal yet, so it may be adjusted as time goes by.

Watch my twitter feed for new comic notifications!
As always, feedback, tips, links, and retweets are greatly appreciated.

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