“Y U No Funny!?”


“I Don’t Get it…”


About This Webcomic


“Actively Disengaged” is a webcomic with a very specific target audience.   The audience identifies itself with many names… Anarchists, Voluntaryists, the “liberty movement”, and a few others.   These names describe a growing minority of people who don’t believe that the government has the right to control other people, steal from people, or use violence against people.


You may not be part of the target audience.  That’s okay.     It means you may not “get” some of the jokes, but hopefully there’s enough humor here to keep you interested while the liberty concepts slip in through the back door.


But don’t worry… this isn’t some kind of preachy political webcomic.    There are LOTS of places to go and learn about liberty in as much detail as you can tolerate.   This isn’t one of them.   Seriously.   I am not here to present an anarchist philosophy.  I am not a teacher, a preacher, or a philosopher in disguise.   I HAVE an anarchist philosophy, but my comics assume that you either already share it, or you know enough about it to find the comics enjoyable.   My goal is to make people laugh at the State, the people who support it, and even at themselves a little bit.    Yes, activists and anarchists will be targets for mockery as well.  Nothing is sacred here, the State least of all.


Think of it like a language.  If you know a language, then you can understand jokes that are told in that language.    If you don’t know the language, then you won’t understand the jokes.   I’m not a language teacher… I’m just a comedian.  Check my sidebar for some places to get started learning the basics.

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