TL;DR: You can buy all the monthly bonus comics from 2013 here: for 1.675 mBTC (.001675 BTC), which is just a little over a $1.10 at current BTC price.

Now lemme ‘splain:
I’m doing a little experiment. Actually, I’m doing several experiments simultaneously.

First, I’m wanting to test the market (that’s you folks) to see if you’d be willing to pay a trivial amount for some content. The content in question is the collection of all the monthly bonus comics from 2013. In order to see these comics when they were originally created you had to have voted for Actively Disengaged at at least once each month. Each month, the bonus comic disappeared and was replaced with a new one. (The Halloween comic is the one exception to that. You can still see that one here on the site). Now I’ve taken the high-resolution versions of all of them and made them available for sale. I’ve also included one brand new bonus comic, and 10 small lower-resolution images that you can use for forum avatars, etc. I think that’s a pretty good deal for the price, even if you have already seen the 2013 bonus comics. Let me know what you think.

The other thing I’m testing is a new micropayment system called CoinLock, that allows you to sell digital goods anonymously for BTC. I literally just heard about them yesterday, and thought I would give them a try. I bought my own file, got the download, and got paid a few minutes after that. The process was smooth, but the payment process was slower than I had hoped it would be. That’s probably due to some slowness in the BTC network today, as I noticed the same thing when paying someone else earlier. Speed issues aside, it worked as advertised for me. Do let me know if you have problems with it. I’m aware of a similar service offered by CoinDL. However, they wanted all kinds of identifying information to sell digital goods, and I’m not really about that right now. If the buyers can be anonymous, why can’t the sellers? And don’t even bother to mention Paypal. Seriously.

That’s it. So if you think selling high-rez versions of the previous year’s bonus comics (or anything else) is a great or terrible idea, let me know. Likewise, if you think coinlock rocks or sucks, also let me know. Suggestions about other things I can (or should never) do are welcome as well. This is an experiment, after all.

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